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What is tux paint?
Tux Paint is a free, award-winning drawing program for children ages 3 to 12 (for example, preschool and K-6).

The Function of the tool:
It combines an easy-to-use interface, fun sound effects, and an encouraging cartoon mascot who guides children as they use the program.
Kids are presented with a blank canvas and a variety of drawing tools to help them be creative.

Limitation of the tool:
It works slow if you have slow-speed internet connection. This is the only limitation of this tool as I am concerned. When you have a slow internet connection, it will take some time to load the first page. To avoid this, you have to upgrade your internet connection to a faster connection.

This tool can be used when:
During learning process. As example, pupils will be told to draw the features or characteristics of the characters or things they heard from the story they heard.

Is it user-friendly?

Yes, it is. It is very easy to handle as the symbols are very clear and easy to use. They must know the functions of each of the symbols and then they are free to draw or edit pictures.


T-PACK …..

T-PACK (Technology, Pedagogy, Content and Knowledge), for me is a complete sets of teaching method which is very useful to the pupils. Thus, this type of teaching will help the pupils to be more technology savvy in future. Teacher’s role is to show them how the technology operates and how to handle it. During my teaching practice, I had managed to use some ICT to help the pupils understand the lesson better. I can say that they learn better through ICT. Here is the stages of the lesson that I managed to do with them.

Subject : English
Class : Year 5 Merah
Enrolment : 36 Pupils
Date : 18th August 2010 (Wednesday)
Time : 9.05 – 10.05 a.m. (1 hour)
Theme : World of knowledge
Topic : What Games Do You Play?
Focused skill : Listening
Integrated skills : Speaking, Reading, and Writing
Language focus: Adverbs
Emphases : Thinking skill
(i) ICT skills
Moral value
(i) Cooperation
Knowledge : Nouns and past tense.
Outcomes : 1.6 Listen to and enjoy the rhyme, rhythm, and sounds of poetry, jazz chants and

4.4 Construct simple and compound sentences with guidance and
Specifications : Pupils will be able to:

1.6.1 Listen to and enjoy children’s songs, rhymes, poems and jazz chants.

4.4.2 Construct simple and compound sentences based on a given stimulus.
Objectives : By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to:
(i) Listen to the adverb song and identify the adverbs in the lyrics.
(ii) Read the text and identify the adverbs.
(iii) Listen to the text and circle the correct adverbs of manner in the passage with at least 10 correct answers.
(iv) Write complete sentences by using the actions (verbs + adverbs) given.
Teaching aids : Laptop, speaker, lyrics, List of adverbs, texts and envelopes.

1. ICT access in all schools.

– All schools in Malaysia no matter in which area must be provided with at least computers for each classes. This is important to expose technology to the pupils.

2. Internet access available for all schools.

-Life will be much easier with the existence of internet connection in schools so that the pupils will manipulate the technology very well.

3. ICT training course for teachers
– This is also important for teachers nowadays as technology is developing from days to days. Teacher must be equipped with current trend or era rather than stick with the old version of technology. In other words, teachers must be updated with current technology.

4. Teacher’s assistant.

– An assistant for a teacher to set up the computers before each lesson should also be applied to all schools. This is to ensure the smoothen rhe flow of the lesson instead of the teacher doing everything and at last the duration of the lesson will be cut short.

5. 1 student 1 computer

– If the government manage to get and give funds to every schools this is possible to occurs. By having computers for each of the students it will enhance their understanding about what they learn in the future

6. Smartboard.

– By using this new technology of interactive board in class pupils will be more interested to learn.

7. Syllabus.

– Teaching aids have been changed to ICT related tools, thus the syllabus must be adapted to it. Hence, the learning will takes place.

8. Active family participation.

– Family or parents must understand what their children are learning at school. Thus, by letting them know and understand and also involve in whatever activity organized by the teacher or schools it will help them as weel.

9. Campaign.

– Campaign to promote the benefits of using ICT in classroom is very important. This will gain supports from everybody in this country to implement this method.

10. Government’s role.

– Last but not least, I hope our government in the future will fully supported our education field by providing each school in Malaysia with a very great facilities of ICT. It will help our next young generation to develop and enhance their learning, as they can contribute something meaningfully to the country when they grown older in the future.

I was assigned to teach English for year 5 Merah and Mathematics for year 4 Merah at S.K. La Salle, Petaling Jaya during last semester. The duration for this particular teaching practice was roughly about three months including holidays. My partner during this three months teaching practice was Ahmad Faiz who had been very supportive and helpful to me which I would like to thank him for everything he had done.

The logo of the school

Here is the link of the school’s ex-students website if you want to know more about the school,

Talk about the usage of ICT during my teaching practice I feel that there are pros and cons of using it to teach the pupils. Let me talk about the advantages using the ICT during my three months experience at the school. First, the children were very interested when I used songs to teach English. As example, I used the adverb song which I downloaded from Youtube and then I showed the video and the song to the children. I found out that the lesson was easily and effectively delivered as they can memorize the song and understand the term adverb. Its a bit difficult if I want to explain clearly to 40 pupils in the classrom but thanks to the Youtube for providing the very useful video to teach adverb. Here is the link for the adverb song,

Secondly,  using the ICT to teach English is very helpful in terms of organizations of works and classroom control. My work had been organized since I used the videos or songs to teach the pupils instead of using so many papers as lyrics or manila card or big board to show them the lyrics of the song. Video viewong by using Lcd projector is more effective in terms of clarity and clearness. By showing the pupils this kind of interesting video or songs it will attract them to focus on the video rather than doing another activity. Those at the back of the class could also watch and listen to the video or songs clearly.

However, based on my experience it is difficult to produce interesting and new materials to teach the pupils everyday. There was a time where I felt so tired of producing so many materials for the pupils for just one lesson and then the next day I had to give them exercise through the text book and work book. Then the children will ask for more video or songs from me. This is the kind of pressure I had during my teaching practice. But later on I manage to produce materials by not using ICT but yet still interesting and effective. Its all about creativity! Finally, this teaching practice taught me a lot about a life as a teacher eventhough it was just about three months duration. From what I know is that I have more to learn to be a good and reliable teacher in the future. I must work hard and grab every opportunity to learn everything from now on.

Hello world!

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My last entry…


This is going to be my last entry for this techno course. So this entry surely is my reflection on our 14 weeks being in this class.

What I want so say is this course has given me many essential information and knowledge on producing technology related teaching and also entertainment materials. I am really grateful to be part of this course which has given me opportunity to learn and also to develop my talent and skills in producing a classy teaching materials especially my video ‘This is Verb’. Furthermore, this class has taught me to write my weekly jurnals by using this Windows Live Space. Below are my opinions on the ‘space’ or ‘e-portfolio’.

E-portfolio is a very new thing or term among all of us including me which we commonly used beginning this semester. This type of portfolio which involves Internet, computers and etc is way better than the old traditional portfolio we have been used for ages.

E-portfolio contains more attractive functions, features and also user and environmental friendly. There are many functions that is available for this new era or modern portfolio. There are different types of templates, fonts and background images that can be chosen by the user.

User-friendly means that it is easy to use by every people and even children can use this as their own jurnals or diaries. Environmental-friendly means that there are no longer books or papers being used for the purpose of making diaries, journals and etc. Its all electronics and also your thoughts.

E-portfolio should be as the main tools for the students in school and university in order to create the new generations which are more IT-based. Thus our country, Malaysia will be a very smart nation.

Thats all my thoughts for this last entry. I would like to thank to the teaching team for giving us the oppurtunity to learn and discover the technology. BYE!

COP……OH! OK! NOW I KNOW!            (PART B)

Hye everyone!

This time I will talk about my own COP classroom when I turn
as a teacher. First and foremost is the classroom, which is the environment that
should promote cooperation among the students. As example, teachers in the
school have to be role models for the students by showing that they are working
and cooperating together in the school. Furthermore, posters and even banners
can also be applied at classrooms and schools building so that whenever they
enter the school premise they can see and understand the word cooperation

In terms of the teaching and lesson content, it should be based
on the students’ interest. So, in order to get to that teacher should ask their
opinions on what are their interests so that the teacher can modify and adjust
the content to suit with their interest. For me, I really think that learning
should be interesting and fun so that the ‘actual learning’ will take place. Thus,
by taking their opinions to be included in the lesson shows that learning also
promotes democracy. It means that the students also have their ‘say’ in
deciding what they should learn but still based on the standard content of

Activity should be fun yet effective and achievable for
their understanding. Group games are also fun, interesting and very effective
for children especially. Too many information will let them be boring and not
interested in learning.

In order to sustain those features of COP that I mentioned
above, it is important for teachers to remind and let them know the importance
of working together and work as a team. Thus, they will understand the
objectives of COP or group work is implemented in their classroom and get used
to it.

COP……OH! OK! NOW I KNOW!            (PART A)

Hye everyone!!

In this entry I will talk about my view on the COP which has
been the main subject for week 13’s lecture or class. Frankly speaking, before
this I did not know what the term COP stands for is. But then, I realized that
what we had been doing and practising all these while is called COP. COP is all
about community which means that learning’s important goals or priority should
be in making the pupils know the meaning of being together in making something.
Teamwork, cooperation and good understanding are three main parts in making this
COP a success.

Talk about teamwork, I still remember that for the Video Kit
assignment it required more cooperation from the group members themselves as we
need to come out with a product that able to reach the customers’ demand. There
are so many meetings and discussions were held during preparing the video kit.
I can’t deny that there were arguments and dissatisfaction existed during that
particular time. At the end of the process of making the kit, I found out that
the arguments were good in order to produce a great product. By having
arguments it will allow people to brainstorm and think of the best way or
solution instead of hanging or stuck in the middle.  

When I talk about discussions, it reminds me of Windows
Live. In this semester, we were a bit shocked when we are being nurtured of
using Windows Live as the medium of interaction between lecturers and students
and also students to students. There were so many discussions were made during
the 14 week of this course. At first we were a bit ‘lazy’ to even participate
in the discussion but as time goes by we are already treating this kind of
discussion as our class routine.

Lastly, I want to say that COP and teamwork are vital in
order to achieve the goals and objectives of learning.

Hye everyone.….


In this entry I will talk about what have I done to
my video. I mean the ‘This is Verb’ video which has been submitted along with
my group’s video kit. Did I make any improvisation or not? The answer
S!!! I managed to edit my video based on what have been suggested or
commented by my fr
iends and lecturers. I feel so glad to have them commenting
my video so that I kn
ow that my video is not perfect yet.

The first adjustment that I did was the picture that
contained the word ‘VERB’. The viewer said that it has nothing to do with th
verb. The example is shown as the picture below.



so called tennis ball has nothing to do with verb unless it is played by
someone else


Then, I changed this tennis ball picture into the green background picture…..



 Now the picture is so related to the video and the verb itself. AGREE?


 Then, the second and last adjustment that I
did was the quality of the pictures that I used in this video which I
personally find it dull and boring. The pictures should be appealing for the
children. Below is the before edited picture…


  Not appealing at all….AGREE?       



This one is
way better than the other one right?..



Based on the two
modifications that I shown above are evidence that I do edited or improvise my






1.What would the
learning space look like: Physical space and virtual space; would it still look
like the current classroom that you all grew up in or would it look different?

I really think that the
seating arrangement is not the main part of the learning. It means that the
standard seating arrangement like what we used to be when we were in school
should be implement. Furthermore, based on my experience I never had any
problem by the standard seating arrangement in the classroom.

2.What would the students be doing and what would you be
doing in the teaching and learning process? How would you empower your

I really like the students to explore the knowledge by
themselves. I really feel that experience is vital in learning something. By knowing
only the surface of certain things is not enough. They need to discover and
explore the world by themselves. Teacher will be like friend who is useful when
they need help or guidance. Based on my experience, in order to make learning
happens it should be fun and interesting. This is important so that the
students will have no pressure to learn and their will lower their anxiety.

3.What kind of resources would you have at you disposal?

Internet access and computers should be supplied to
teacher and teacher should be subsidised with the facilities.

4.What kind of support (policy, infrastructure, etc)
would you need to make the dream a reality?

An agreement so that every resources demanded by the
teacher to use for teaching purposes will be granted.

5.How would you manage the ideal classroom?

The classroom should be in a fun and interesting mode.
That would be my main target when I am in school in the future as a teacher.